Friday, October 15, 2010


Just my luck ... I've been contacted by a corporation who has the name "iSTAMP" as a registered trademark, asking me to change the name of my blog in order to avoid further legal action. UGH! I've used the name "iSTAMP" since 2007, even named my weekly "iPICKS" after it, and our demonstrator group "weSTAMP" after it. Well, my creative readers, feel free to bombard me with your creative ideas for renaming my blog ... I have none.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've received many e-mails wondering where I've been and asking if things are OK. My daughter's recovery from her accident (see this post) is coming along very well. She's still doing physical therapy three times a week in hopes of regaining full range of motion in her arm. She has quite a bit of dental work still ahead of her, and isn't driving much yet. She can't wait to return to college in January!

My mom is terminally ill and not doing well. The glioblastoma brain cancer is extremely aggressive, and it's been a year of fighting it with two craniotomy surgeries, radiation treatment, two rounds of chemo, and yet the tumor continues to grow. It's a very sad time.

I haven't had time for, or an interest in, stamping and blogging ... my mind has obviously been elsewhere. I miss it, and know that someday I'll make time for it again.
Thank you for your concern and prayers ... please bear with me .... I'll be back one day. (Also, thank you for your Stampin' Up! orders through my demonstrator website!).