Tuesday, July 24, 2007


A couple of weeks ago, I shared some overall photos of my craft room (see previous post HERE), and promised to show you how I organize my supplies. I thought I'd start off with showing you how I keep my 8 1/2 x 11 Cardstock (CS) and 12 x 12 Designer Paper (DP) organized.

This first photo shows my cutting station. On the countertop are my two Stampin' Up! Paper Cutters. Someone asked me a few days ago which one I use the most ..... honestly, I couldn't live without either one of them! Both of these cutters can be found on page 184 of the Fall-Winter '07 Stampin' Up! Idea Book and Catalog. I use the Tabletop Paper Cutter for most of my cutting. The stainless-steel precision-ground blade never needs sharpening, and cuts so-o-o nicely! I use the Fiskars-style cutter for cuts under 1" and for scoring with the use of my bone folder (see previous Scoring Tutorial HERE). If you own the Fiskars style cutter, it is worth the investment for the additional Tabletop Paper Cutter -- you'll buy LESS replacement blades for the Fiskar style cutter!Underneath the countertop is a standard two-drawer filing cabinet. The top drawer holds all Stampin' Up! 48 colors + 6 In Colors + Basic Black + Whisper White in standard hanging folders. Whisper White & Basic Black are in the very front of the drawer since I tend to reach for those two colors the most. Behind WW & BB are the current In Colors, followed by the 48 Stampin' Up! colors, organized by color families as seen on pgs. 166 and 167 in the Fall-Winter '07 Idea Book & Catalog. I have often thought about re-organizing the 48 colors alphabetically or by color, but am used to the way they are. The bottom drawer contains last year's In Colors, other Neutrals, and Naturals (pg. 179).
Each hanging folder has custom-made tab that I found on ebay HERE. The background of the tab is made from THAT color of CS with the color name, color family, and re-order number which is the first number on the left. I've had my tabs for probably a couple of years ... I think the second number is an old re-order number for 12 x 12 CS.

This next photo shows an inexpensive 5 x 12 plastic bin that holds my CS scraps for about a week until I organize them into the next organization system.

I have a 6 x 9 manila envelope for each Stampin' Up! color (below photo). Each envelope is labeled in the front with the name of the CS color it holds.

All the manila envelopes are stored in an upper cabinet in two shoebox size Rubbermaid containers, alphabetically (with the exception of Whisper White and Basic Black ... they're in the front again). (below photo)

Now, don't laugh at the quantity of scraps I have! Honestly, I DO use my scraps! I guess I've just been stamping for so many years that they just accumulate! Plus, when I'm cutting for classes (20 each of five projects), it adds up!

This system really works great for me though! When I'm working on a project, I can easily pull the manila envelopes of the colors I'm using at the time to use up some scraps! It's not the most attractive system, but it was inexpensive and works great!

Now, onto 12 x 12 Designer Papers ..... first, meet my NEW best friend, my Dymo LetraTag! I bought this puppy about a month ago at Walmart for $19.99, and now wonder how I ever lived without it! My 12 x 12 Designer Paper is organized in Vertical Paper Holders with Dividers (pg. 193) in an upper cabinet. The order in which they are organized is much like they are in the SU Catalog/Idea Book. The contents of each Vertical Paper Holder is labeled on the the outside (with my Dymo). Each Holder has labeled dividers that sort the different DP packs. When I open a new package of DP, I do so carefully in order to keep the shrinkwrap intact. That way, I can store small scraps WITH the large sheets.

I have one Vertical Paper Holder for Double Sided Designer Series Paper (pgs. 170 - 173), one for the Prints Designer Series Papers (pg. 173), one for Retired DP's, and another for Simply Scrappin Kits and Chipboard.

I've had my Vertical Paper Holders for quite some time, and think a couple of them were purchased at a local craft store. Those Holders came with a thick divider/holder. I use those for DPs in which I have more than one pack, and stand them up between the Vertical Holders.
The photo below shows the Dymo labeling on the outside of the Vertical Paper Holders.

The photo below shows the Dymo labeling on the dividers inside the Vertical Paper Holders.

On the inside of the cabinet door in which my DP is stored, I've taped the lists of DP and Simply Scrappin' coordinating colors (see this POST) for easy reference.


Kathy W said...

I like your idea of the large envelopes for scraps. My scrap box works, but I don't have the colors memorized by sight, so I have to stop and compare each scrap to a chart to see what color it is. Thanks for sharing your great organization ideas.

Anonymous said...

WOW! You are very organized! Great idea for your scrap paper! Tammy

Tandra said...

WOW again!! Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Sandy in NH said...


Anonymous said...

Whatever adds to your pleasure and ease of scrappin'. I really enjoy rummaging through a box of scrap papers, various sizes and colors, and finding just the right one. It is one loose end of living that I can enjoy with limited consequences.

Shiozaki Beach girls said...

Super Organization!

Miss jane said...


Ann said...

I have my 8 1/2 x 11 pretty much organized like you but have not gotten to the 12 x 12 yet. Think I am going to use milk cartons with dividers with color tabs. Everything else I have in plastic bins (embellishments, ink pads, stamps). I have yet to go through the scraps but like your idea but was thinking of using file folders with color tabs. I have three lateral file cabinets and a metal wardrobe with many shelfs so pretty well organized too.