Tuesday, June 19, 2007


At my very first stamp class as a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, I demonstrated how I score CS (cardstock). It was a lightbulb moment for some of those in attendance! Although there are several ways to score CS, this is my preferred method and is the way I have always done it. It is so-o-o simple, yet provides a nice even score line and a fold without crinkles!

Supplies Needed: Paper Cutter (mine is the Fiskars brand from Stampin' Up!). It cuts paper up to 12 inches, and features easy-to-read grid lines and black base. There are scoring blades for this cutter, but I find it much easier to grab my Stampin' Up! Bone Folder rather than replacing the blades each time.

Step #1. Cut CS 5 1/2 x 11 inches.

Step #2. Line CS up to the 4 1/2 inch marking ... make sure the bottom of the CS meets up evenly with the black base of the cutter. The 4 1/2 inch marking is the halfway mark for folding the CS in half.

Step #3. There is a groove in the black blade guide of the paper cutter. This photo shows the Bone Folder pointing to the groove.

Step #4. Simply run the Bone Folder down the length of the CS, using the groove as your guide. Don't put too much pressure on your CS, as it may tear. With practice, you will be able to achieve the proper amount of pressure for a nice score line and even fold with four corners that meet when folded.


Michelle said...

Excellent tutorial for first-timers!

Shaz said...

Thanks alot for sharing this tutorial. Will definitely have to try this out.

dayna said...

WOW! Perfect idea and well thought out tutorial. Thanks for sharing, I am going to have to give it a try.

Dani said...

Wow. Where has this been all my life? I hate switching out my blades and so I usually have crinkled folds and just deal with it. This is a fantastic idea! Thank you!

Susie said...

Great tutorial! I was on the fence on which tool I wanted to get for scoring, but now I'm going to get one of these tools tonight.