Sunday, July 8, 2007


I cleaned my Craft Room top to bottom the other day and did some re-organizing. Here are some overall photos. In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing with you more detailed organizational tips for your stamping supplies and work area. Sorry about the photo quality ... I just can't seem to get decent indoor photos with my camera.

My craft room is an extra bedroom measuring approximately 10 x 13. My craft room is defenitely DESIGN ON A DIME style ... nothin' fancy, but it's mine & I love it! I function very well in this space and am so grateful to have it! The things I do in this room besides STAMPING .... scrapbooking, posting to my blog, stalking the SCS website, other computer stuff, and any other family related paperwork.

My DH and I constructed this u-shaped work space a couple of years ago out of three pieces of white formica countertops cut to our specs, supported by homemade beams. We hung pre-fab cabinets on both sides of the room. The cabinets are from the garage organization section of the local hardware store so they are extra deep to hold tons of stuff! I'll be showing you what's behind the cabinets bit by bit here on my blog!

This first photo was taken from the doorway. To the left is my computer/paperwork area. There are two-drawer filing cabinets built in on each end of the u-shaped work space. The space facing the window is where I usually stamp. The counterspace to the right is where I cut & score cardstock, emboss, and is mostly overflow space while creating.
More of my computer workspace. This filing cabinet is for personal paperwork. My printer is below the desk on a shelf near my feet.

To the right of my computer are two magnetic boards from IKEA. I hang photos there, and stamped samples (usually recent designs, or swaps I want to duplicate).

The overhead cabinets on this side hold office supplies, miscellaneous craft supplies, 3-D items begging to be altered, designer paper, stamping publications, cardstock scraps, and more.

Facing the window is where I usually do most of my stamping projects. I can see my small television from there (which is usually tuned in to HGTV or TLC), and my computer is within reach. The natural light is a plus too! My ink pads and markers are within reach at my right. The four-drawer rubbermaid container in the corner holds punches, extra adhesives, overflow ink pads, and more.

One of these days, I'm going to add some personality to this space and hang a curtain or valance. I just haven't found the RIGHT one yet!

This is the right side of my workspace. One of my favorite things about my room is my inexpensive pegboard! It makes everything so accessible, and I love finding new ways to hang my supplies!

Below this space, I have some miscellaneous shelves (found at garage sales) that house my Cuttlebug and other supplies.

This filing cabinet houses all my Stampin' Up! cardstock, patterns, and SU business paperwork.

At a later date, I'll be posting close-up photos of the pegboard showing how everything hung.

The cabinets above this space house more stamping supplies like embossing, embellishments, adhesives, envelopes, daubers, samples, chipboard, and scrapbook supplies.

These two bookcases house my stamp sets, wheels and more. Both bookcases were puchased at garage sales! woohoo! Top left shelf: SU Wheels, Jumbo Wheels, and Background Stamps. Second left shelf: Stamp Sets with Words or Sentiments on the left, and Alphabet & Number Stamp Sets on the right.

Those big black organizers --- yes, I'm a scrapbooker from WAY BACK! ... years ago before discovering Stampin' Up! I don't scrapbook as often as I SHOULD, but DO keep my photos organized with good intentions to do so!

The shelf on the right houses Stamp Sets by size, then alphabetically. My Monogram Alphabets and stamp sets designed for the Tag Punch are seperate on the fourth shelf down.

It's hard to see in the photo, but I've put a small yellow sticker on all the retired sets that I'm keeping for now so I'm not questioning when I pull to use it!

My stamp set shelves look pretty bare to me. There are two reasons why:

1. I'm STILL waiting for my SU order from the new catty to be shipped!, and

2. I've pulled all my retired stamp sets that I THINK I'm willing to part with! (See above photo).
I am NOT going to show you what's behind the closet doors! ... it's jam-packed ... organized, but jam-packed! There are about 50 completed scrapbook photo albums in there, my sewing machine (collecting dust!), family memorabilia, more scrapbook supplies, 3-D stamping samples, and ebay inventory. Yes, I also sell on ebay!

This has been a general overview of my craft room. I'll be adding posts throughout the following weeks showcasing specific areas of my room.


Corie said...

WOW, you are so lucky to have a room to do all your crafting. It looks so nice and organized. Boy am I jealous.

Nancy Grant said...

Wow! LOOK AT YOUR STAMP ROOM! I am thoroughly impressed. Can I have one too?

Rose Ann said...

Oh my goodness! What an awesome space...and so neat and tidy. I need to show this to my DH. ;)

sarahsabri said...

I've been debating forever whether or not to install a peg board. and I LOVE yours! Please please please post more pictures soon....and what did you use for those little shelves and for the ribbon storage? I can hardly wait to see more....I want to go get a board now! :)

Shaz said...

What a wonderful craft room. You are so lucky to have your own dedicated craft room. This is something that I dream of instead of having to share the dining room table with everyone else.

kathleenh said...

Wow, you are organized! I'm definitely impaired in this area. I could use all of the help I could get. This would be a dream to create in!

Mrs Adept said...

Oh I love your stamping area. wow.

Anonymous said...

Frame out your peg board. It's amazing the difference it gives. Just a little molding in white will grace your organization!

Anonymous said...

Your room is incredible...I just was looking for some ideas for my craft room and you gave me some great ideas. I love SU I don't sell it but I use it a lot. Can't wait to see more details on your pegboard.

Colleen said...

Where did you get counter top like that. I have had this post saved to my favorites for months. I will be moving into my new house in less than a month and I'm getting excited.

JenniferCR said...

Wow, your room is amazing! I have a dedicated room but I'm just starting to put it all together. You have given me so many ideas! Thanks! =)

mayinkzoo94 said...

Oh my gosh , I love it. I am about to redo my scrapbook/home office and this is exactly what I am looking for! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you your craft room is great. I was searching for Ideas to redo my messy little room it's driving me crazy! I do stained glass and many other crafts so I need to get organized and you have given me the get up and do it I need! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your room is exactly like my room, only without the mess and disorganization. I've been looking for ideas that would suit a room my size and shape, and yours is identical, even up to the window and closet! You have given me some wonderful ideas and better possibilities than I have found yet. I don't have a great big room with a picture window and a view of some fantastic scenery, like I've seen with many of them. You've given me real-life ideas, and for that, I appreciate it. Thanks!

MsAP143 said...

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I think your craft room looks absolutely amazing! You really put a lot of effort into it.

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MsAP143 said...

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I really think you'll enjoy it! :)

Anonymous said...

Great bright room. I am so glad to see and hear that I am not the only one that has a TV in their craft room. Also it is nice to know that lots of us have several hobbies and have to do it all in a multi-purpose room. Look forward to seeing more photos. Linda

Mum of 4 said...

Hi there,
I found your site searching for ideas for storage for my craft room and I love your peg board. You mentioned in this post you would update us on the items you used and do a close up. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Did you end up doing one? Thanks.

Miss jane said...


Tricia said...

Thanks for showing your craft room. I have a space in my basement that is painted and has a large area rug. I am expanding to a pegboard wall by the stairs. Your pegboard area is a great inspiration!