Monday, July 23, 2007


OMG! I just found pictures of the Craft Room of my DREAMS! You've GOT to see Nichole Heady's STUDIO HERE. Martha Stewart, watch out!!! Not only is Nichole's studio functional and well-organized, it's BEAUTIFUL too! I love all the white with the turquoise accents!

Maybe I need to start calling my room "my Studio" like Nichole does, instead of "my Craft Rooom"? Studio sounds so much more professional! I'm sure you'll look at the photos of her studio over and over again and read every word she wrote - just like I did!

If anyone knows where I can get a pair of scissors like the ones hanging on Nichole's door, let me know! They are so-o-o cool!

Nichole's blog is {capture the moment} . She is one talented stamper (with a gorgeous studio!).


malieta said...

OMG....I went to her site and my mouth dropped open. Her studio is gorgeous!!! BTW...your crafting room is very nice also.:)

Pattyjo said...

My DH made me some wooden scissors that look just like that. Then we painted them to look real. Mine even open and close so I can change the way they look from time to time.

Lori said...

I saw this the other day and immediately sent the link to my friend. We were both in awe! We both said someday we'll both have something like that! :)