Sunday, June 22, 2008


My blogging friend Debbie Corbari, Debbie's Doodles, tagged me. I've done a couple of these tags over the past year listing random facts about myself (HERE, and HERE) so it was difficult coming up with seven new facts (I'm just not that interesting, people!) ...

1. I salt watermelon ... the ONLY way to eat it!

2. I can't STAND having my feet touched. I about fly through the roof when I get pedicures!

3. I scrapbooked before discovering the world of stamping, and have done very little scrapbooking since. My oldest, Allie, will be a senior in high school this year ... since she was very little, I've always wanted her scrapbooks to be up-to-date when she graduated. I'm about five years behind and need to get caught up this year. I'm finding this task incredibly overwhelming! Trying to decide whether to use all the outdated scrapbooking products I already own (taking up tons of room), or to go digital. I would have fun learning how to do digital scrapbooking, but hate to lose the 3-D aspect in my scrapbooks.

4. I gave birth to both of my children naturally ... (no epidurals) ... not because I'm brave, but because there wasn't enough time for epidurals! Both came very quickly ... 40 minutes and 20 minutes!

5. I am freaking out over the fact that Allie is going to be a Senior this coming school year! How could time go that fast? I tear up every time I think about it!

6. I am completely overwhelmed with the task of helping Allie apply to colleges, scholarships, and financial aid. So much paperwork!

7. I'm not much of a collector, but I do collect a Christmas china pattern by Mikasa called Ribbon Holly. John and other family members have added to the collection over the years. I love setting my dining room table with it during the holidays! When my mom downsized to apartment living, she gave me her Christmas dishes which are a little less formal ... Waechtersbach W. Germany. If you're familiar with this line, they are the red dishes with the green Christmas tree. I could say that Christmas dishes are some of my favorite things!

My turn to tag seven other bloggers ....

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I received this Kreativ Blogger award several weeks ago from two of my favorite blogging friends who inspire me every single day ...

Jackie Pedro, The Scalloped Edge and
Nancy Morgan, Paper Smiles

If you've never visited Jackie and Nancy's blogs, you are totally missing out! Not only are they both incredibly talented, they're about the sweetest people you could meet!!!

Now, I must tag some bloggers that inspire me! That would be every single blog on my sidebar! ... but must only select a few ....
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Jan Scholl said...

I had my kids naturally too-by choice. and I had them fast too. Good thing the train didnt go thru.

and I like salt on my water melon. It was how my dad ate it-sometimes fresh cracked pepper is good too.

Dawn Easton said...

Fun reading your facts Nancy! LOL...natural eh? Glad it was quick!!
Thanks for the tag...I'll try and get this up soon my friend!

Lisa Charleton said...

I sometimes salt my watermelon too! And cantelope and sometimes even apples! YUM!

Alexandra said...

It was fun reading these Nancy!! And, I know exactly how you feel about freakin' out as I went through it with Zach last year - this has been a hard year with him gone *sigh*

Congrats on your awards, you so deserve them! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

the Tapler Ohana said...

You're so sweet!! Thanks for the tag! I'm going to have to think about this one....I'm pretty boring!!

Tina said...

Are you saying not everyone salts watermelon? That's just weird! I do! :D . . . . And suddenly, we're the majority!

the Tapler Ohana said...

Hi Nancy! I FINALLY got to play tonight. You can read my post here:
Thanks again!