Wednesday, October 24, 2007



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Seven Random Things About Me:

1. I'm left-handed in MOST situations but do many things right-handed. I tie ribbon like a left-hander which is probably why I'm never happy with the way my ribbon looks. My penmanship, I'm told, is very good, and looks like a right-hander's, but I do it with my left hand! I don't curl my left hand around to write like most left-handers.

2. After living in Arizona for 20 years, my blood is very very thin! I get chilled so easily! My family is constantly rolling theirs eyes at me about it! I bring a jacket with me whenever I go to a public place (especially restaurants and movie theaters), even in the dead of Phoenix summer 110 heat (air conditioning is cold, you know!).

3. I love licorice ... red OR black. Favs include Red Vines, Red Rope, and Nibs.

4. I was a sorority girl in my college days (Alpha Xi Delta). My sorority sisters are STILL some of my most favorite people. Even though we hardly ever see each other .. when we talk via phone or e-mail, it's like going back in time 20 years! Go AZ's!!!!

5. I'm a home-body. Home is always my favorite place to be (probably because there's always so many things to do for dear 'ol Mom!) I find that the older I get, the more anxiety I experience when away from home for long periods of time.

6. I have an eight year old Beagle named Millie. She's very unusual looking ... she has the Beagle face, her body is all white, and she has a crooked tail. I've always told the kids that it'll be easy to draw a picture of her for a "lost dog poster" if ever needed! She's overweight, as Beagles' worlds revolve around food, and she's scared to death of anything in the sky. In the Fall and Spring, we have alot of hot air balloons that hover low to the ground near our home. Hot air balloons are very loud when fired up, and the noise scares Millie. So anything Millie sees in the sky, she's afraid of ... hand gliders, airplanes, sometimes even the moon!

7. Here's a quirky thing about me ... stamping related. I can't stand the sound of my ink pads clanking against the countertop when I ink my stamps so I have several squares of rubbery shelving liner at my workspace that I set my ink pads on when in use. I also have one for my double stick tape dispenser so it doesn't slide around when I use it.

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nancy morgan said...

How Fun = ) !!! I can totally relate to getting chilled's WAY too cold here in Oregon for me. You lucky girl, living in Arizona...must be nice! Okay, I better get thinking of 7 random things to share...thanks for the tag!!

fran said...

We're both home bodies! You wouldn't like it here today - the high was 49 and it rained all day! Guess I'll have to come visit you for the sunshine

Dawn Easton said...

Oh girl! Guess you won't be coming up here to visit me, in winter time anyway! Haha! We do get the occassional -40...Ok even I don't go out in that!

I loved reading about you! It's fun to learn little things about people!!

Thanks for passing it on ;)

Diane (djluvs2stamp on SCS) said...

Thanks for the tag!!! I'm a homebody also but I guess I will have to make the trip to Arizona to stamp, Minnesota would feel like an icebox to you!!! LOL!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

How these little tidbits about you! I'm always freezing in the restaurants too...they just crank the air up too high. ;) Thanks for sharing!

Rose Ann said...

Good to know you better, Nancy! It was fun to read your facts.

Lori Barnett said...

How fun to read this! It really helps to make "blog friends" seem more like neighbors :) Thanks for sharing. more thing....that ink pad thing....crazy! LOL