Friday, February 6, 2009


In this post, I am referring to these posts regarding my offering of Embellishment Shares and Designer Paper Shares from the new Spring-Summer 2009 Idea Book and Catalog. Additional updates can be seen HERE and HERE.

* There are a few spots available in Group #5 Embellishment Share and Group #4 Designer Paper Share. Please contact me via e-mail at to be a part of these share groups. A fantastic way to receive a sampling of the NEW embellishments and designer papers! I'll get the products ordered as soon as the groups are filled, and everyone has paid (through Paypal).

* The Stampin' Up! order for the first four Embellishments Shares and first three Designer Paper Shares arrived today. The embellishments are sorted and I will begin cutting the designer paper into 6 x 6 sheets tomorrow. One paper pack (Manchester) is backordered from Stampin' Up!. Therefore, no designer paper shares will be mailed until Manchester DP is received. If you ordered and paid for an embellishment share ONLY, I will ship those out on Monday 2/09.

* While sorting the embellishment shares this evening, I realized that I have a couple of typos in my original Embellishment Share post. Luckily, they outweigh each other - I must have reversed the numbers. Instead of 10 Latte Buttons you will receive three to five, and instead of 4 Jumbo 5/8" Brads you will receive 10. My apologies for this mistake!

* In case you're wondering what group you're in ...


Group #1 Embellishment
1. K. Loewenstein
2. C. Smallsreed
3. K. Brancato
4. K. Brown
5. G. Donnelly
6. G. Donnelly
7. N. Olson
8. M. Fowler

Group #2 Embellishment
1. J. Seiter
2. C. Seiffert
3. S. Hartsock
4. S. South
5. M. Flieg
6. H. Brueck
7. L. Callahan
8. J. Sturgill

Group #3 Embellishment
1. L. Hickson
2. L. May
3. J. Hartman
4. M. Thompson
5. M. Johnston
6. J. Portonova
7. C. Collins
8. T. Camp

Group #4 Embellishments
1. W. Bond
2. K. Roberts
3. K. Zehnder
4. L. Barutha
5. N. McHale
6. L. Hays
7. G. Contor
8. N. Olson

Group #5 Embellishments
1. L. Gray
2. L. Gray
3. L. Gray
4. L. Gray


Group #1 Designer Paper
1. W. Bond
2. K. Brown
3. S. Hartsock
4. S. South
5. J. Seiter
6. D. Vaughn
7. N. Olson
8. M. Flieg

Group #2 Designer Paper
1. H. Brueck
2. R. Holmes
3. Irene
4. L. Hickson
5. L. May
6. J. Hartman
7. M. Thompson
8. J. Portonova

Group #3 Designer Paper
1. C. Finley
2. C. Finley
3. G. Yip
4. T. Camp
5. M. Fauque
6. M. Fauque
7. K. Roberts
8. N. McHale

Group #4 Designer Paper
1. N. Riley
2. G. Dickinson
3. G. Contor
4. L. Rinehart
5. L. Gray

Thank you so much for the wonderful response to these shares!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Nancy. :) I bet you'll be counting in your sleep for days!


Pearlann66 said...

Oh gosh that is alot of cutting and counting!
thanks so much for letting me join in on the fun.!!