Thursday, January 29, 2009


Thank you for the overwhelming response to my Stampin' Up! Embellishment Shares and Designer Paper Shares posted yesterday! Several groups of eight have already filled, and I will continue to take orders for new groups of eight.

Again, if you would like to participate in either of these shares (or BOTH!), all you have to do is e-mail me at stating which shares you'd like to participate in, along with your e-mail and shipping address. I will then e-mail a Paypal invoice to you.

Here are some other questions that have come up ... so if you're in the share groups, please read...

* Please send payment through Paypal as soon as possible, as there are other share group members counting on this whole process to move quickly.

* Once I receive all payments from a group of eight, I will immediately place the order with Stampin' Up! Please allow time for me to receive the order, separate & cut, and mail. Please know that I won't "sit" on the product, and will get it mailed as soon as possible. (I have visions of me cutting paper and sorting brads & buttons until the wee hours of the night! LOL!).

* If you committed to both a Designer Paper Share AND an Embellishment Share or more than one share of either, there is no additional shipping charge. I can ship both together in the same package.

* If you are local (Phoenix area) ... you can either pick up your share with no additional charge, or I can mail to you with the standard shipping charge of $5.00.

THANK YOU for your participation! I am so excited that we'll all be getting a sampling of the new Stampin' Up! embellishments and designer papers!


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