Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This is not stamping related, but some of you left comments on THIS POST asking if I was going to show the photo frame that Allie gave me for Mother's Day, and asking what Drew gave me that evening. This photo shows the photo frame and beautiful card from Allie. The words inside the card are AWESOME !!!! LOVE that photo frame! The girl's got taste! John took this snapshot of Allie (16) and Drew (13) before the Band Banquet Friday night, and Allie had it in the frame when I opened the gift!

When Drew got home from Sedona on Sunday evening, he gave me "A Special Book of Memories" that he made at school. It had a poem in the front and some starter sentences that he completed. Some of my favorites ....

A Holiday memory with mom ... I remember that every year, you would always ask Allie and I to put the decorations up on the tree, and you always go and rearrange the decorations.

Leave it to my kids to point out their self-diagnosis of my OCD every chance they get!!! LOL!

My mom is happiest when ... You are happiest when you are stamping.

He hit the nail on the head with that one!

A special poem for my mom:
Never Wrong
Your Respectful

Mother's Day evening, we grilled out and had dinner on the patio. In the middle of dinner, Drew says, "Well, since it's Mother's Day, I have a big announcement to make." I sat there stunned over the mature, formal nature he used to tell us that he has a new girlfriend. Too funny! I love Drew's sense of humor!!!

I have been busy stamping, but can't show you any of the projects I've been working on ... yet. Thanks for stopping in!


Dawn Easton said...

How sweet Nancy! You have such wonderful kids!!

Mauna said...

You are one lucky mom!! Can't wait to see what you are busy working on!

Alexandra said...

How totallly sweet! Isn't it nice to be validated that YOU did something right and have raised such wonderful kids??