Thursday, November 8, 2007


Dawn Easton e-mailed me with an excellent question about the Pumpkin Pie Bars in the previous post. Just want to claify that the Pumpkin is PUMPKIN PIE FILLING, not Pure Pumpkin. I changed the wording of the recipe in the previous post to make that clear.


Dawn Easton said...

LOL Nancy, you nut! Thanks for helping me out! I am soooooooo looking forward to making this tomorrow...yum!

Jan Scholl said...

what would happen if you used pure pumpkin? I use that in so many recipes both fresh and canned. I find the filling way too sweet. anybody tried it with pure?

Allison said...

Good to know since I had bookmarked this! I am with Jan but I would rather stick with someone else's tried and true then deal with DH's face when he tries an "experiment" of mine!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,

I just found your blog this morning, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading and finding inspiration for stamping. I'll be back often!