Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Why Blog?

Why start a blog? Well, I wonder if I really know why sometimes! Here are some of my goals for this blog:

* To provide additional information and ideas for my customers. The time we spend at monthly stamp classes just zooms right by, and we just can't cover everything in that limited time frame. There is so much more that I'd like to share!

* To enhance my relationships with other stampers and papercrafters. There is a HUGE community of stampers out there --- a wealth of ideas and information!

* Those of you that know me, I am a HUGE CASEr!!!! (CASE means COPY AND STEAL EVERYTHING!!!) It is so-o-o much easier and faster to just copy someone else's work which is totally acceptable when credit is given. I think having a blog might give me the push that I need to be more creative in designing my own cards and craft items. Ultimately, I'd love to have my work published someday but that won't be happening unless I start doing more of my own original designs!

THANKS for looking! I LOVE LOVE LOVE comments!

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