Tuesday, February 2, 2010


THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in the 5/8" Satin Ribbon Share! The first round of five groups are ready to be mailed Wednesday, Feb. 4. (I was hoping to have them mailed out on Mon. 2/01 but this project took more time than I anticipated ... thanks for your patience!). The following people are included in those groups ...
K. Giron
L. Viers
P. Mullenaux
K. King
D. Lisko
N. Carroll
E. McCallister
K. Naguwa
L. Adametz
S. Braddock
N. Pfaff
S. South
V. Aust
C. Simon
R. Hosmer
J. Seiter
L. Hickson
S. Dow
A. Chavez
K. Wheeler

Ribbon will be ordered from Stampin' Up! for group 6 & 7 on Wed., Feb. 3. There are a couple of spots still available ... click HERE for more information. Participants for group 6 & 7 include ...
K. Alexander
L. Elerding
P. Williams
R. Chester
G. Emmons
S. Sale
L. Branyan
T. Patterson

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Kathy W said...

Nancy, I got my ribbon yesterday. Thank you! I love all the colors and the beautiful feel this ribbon has.