Monday, August 10, 2009


My first day at my new job went great! I'm exhausted tonight, but will be ready for more tomorrow!

Just a quick post to show you a surprise I had this morning ... I've been whining all week about not being at the Stampin' Up! Convention. Turns out, I WAS THERE! ... and Lorri Heiling (my BFF) was there too! ... with our buddy Becky Roberts, Inking Idaho!!!! Go to Becky Roberts' blog, Inking Idaho to read the whole story. Keep checking back throughout the week - she's got more photos and convention stories about the three of us coming!


Lorri said...
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Lorri said...

I am still giggling over this!! Nancy, you went to YOUR first convention! ;) It sure was memorable, wasn't it (thanks to Becky!!!)

Debbie Pamment said...

I saw this on Becky's blog - waaayyy too funny!! Glad you made it to convention after all!!!

Mary Fish said...

I hope we can meet at the next convention or leadership. This was a great chuckle this a.m. Hugs, M

Stamp/nScrap said...

Nancy, glad the new job got off to a great start! I go back tomorrow for year 22 of teaching middle school science. Did you see how well you modeled that new hoodie at convention? I want one! If you haven't seen it, pop back over to Becky's blog. Cheryl

Anonymous said...
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Mary said...

That's great! Love it!

Stamp With Linz said...

You were there in spirit, and that counts too! :) What fun friends.

Love your blog, Ms. Nancy- I get my e-mail updates and always get thinking, she's so talented! Thanks for sharing all you do & checking in on me too.


Anonymous said...

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Lynn said...

This was too funny! I saw this on Becky's blog and started laughing!

tracie said...

I love your blog, but even more I love looking at your picks each week.

Thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas.