Thursday, June 18, 2009


Edited to Add: I got rid of the ad below my first post - (thanks to Sam!). Thanks for all your offers to help ... I'll be getting a hold of a couple of you soon (the day has gotten away from me!).

Even though I've been blogging for about two years, I have a handful of "blogspot questions" that I haven't been able to answer myself, and sometime down the road I would also like to attempt giving my blog a new look. I'm looking for a stamping/blogging friend that considers herself knowledgeable in Blogger and would be willing to spend some time on the phone with me to answer the questions I have. If you're that person, please e-mail me with your phone number at
I would so appreciate your time in helping me! THANK YOU !!!

(One of the questions I have is how to get this advertisement off the bottom of my latest post ... ugh!)


Sam said...

Hey Nancy,

I'm no Blogspot uber-user, and I live in OZ, so you probably wouldn't be wanting to call either, but WRT the advertising at the bottom of your post:

have you tried hitting 'customisze' in the top, right hand corner...
then hit the monetize tab. In there there are various options, and if you have subscribed to adsense, and and clicked on the 'display ads below my posts' option, maybe this is why the ad has appeared?? If you change your option to 'don't add new ads' at the bottom of the page, this might take it away (maybe?).

I don't subscribe to AdSense myself, so i don't really understand how it works...but it could be what has happened to you.


Barbara Stringer said...

I have been blogging for just a short while but I am loving it. It was hard at first but getting easier. Take a look at my blog at and see how you like it. I will try and help in anyway I can for free.

Silke Ledlow said...

Nancy - I'll be happy to help you!!! I'll e-mail you ...Hugs ~S~

Barb said...

Hi Nancy,

Don't know if this would be helpful but looked interesting.

Craft Critique's Bob Beacham
http://www.craftcri search?q= Bob+Beacham

Good Luck!

P.S. LOVE your blog! My fav :-)

Donna said...

hi Nancy I read your post and from where I am sitting I do not see any advertising! Is that a good thing? LOL

Karen R said...

Looks like you worked it out here was the link via Blogger Help

Andrea said...

wow, a new look on your blog. I like it.