Friday, March 6, 2009


It's been a busy week - the reason for my lack of original artwork. Next week looks to be much of the same with out-of-town guests and stamp class preparation, but hope to get a little creative time this weekend.

I do however find it necessary to provide a gentle reminder to my readers. Ya' all know how much I love to stamp, and how much I love to share my creations with you. I am extremely flattered when my original artwork is CASEd (Copy And Steal/Share Everything). Lately, I've been coming across my artwork CASEd on other blogs without any mention of the original artist.

Please respect my time and creativity by clarifying that it is a CASE, mentioning my name along with a link to my blog. I encourage you to CASE my creations and post them on your blog or SCS (for personal use). All I ask is that you mention me as the original artist, along with a link to iSTAMP - it is proper stamping/blogging etiquette.

I'm off to bed ... I get to sleep in tomorrow! woohoo!


Cori S said...

Hi Nancy!

Sometimes I make cards & don't post til MONTHS later. Please forgive me if I forget between the time I create it & post it to give proper credit. I would NOT be offended if you left me a reminder that it was a case of off you :) Thanks girl! *hugs*

Dawn Easton said...

Hey Nancy, I've been popping in each day to see if what you've been up to. Hope you are enjoying the visits with your out of town friends!

Sorry that people aren't giving you credit for CASING...that's a total bummer :(

Hope you are enjoying your sleep in this morning!!!

Vicki said...

Hi Nancy! Hope you do get some fun crafting time soon! I miss seeing your beautiful creations!

Barbara Welch said...

Hi Nancy...I am so sorry that this is happening to you. There are some people out there who don't give credit where credit is due. You are so right in saying that it is proper etiquette when CASEing someones work to give them credit. I have been finding this to be true with some of my stamped art as well.

WE love your work so keep being creative and giving us wonderful ideas to CASE!!

Wendy said...

Well stop making such great cards and you won't have this problem (that is suppose to make you giggle a little)! Sorry for your frustration my friend! Please don't let this stop you from blogging, I need my daily 'hit' of Nancy!

Mary Fish said...

Back at you . . . well said :) Mary

lil-paper-pixie said...

Just found your blog and it has to be one of the best SU blogs I have come across........i will be CASEing some of your stuff (with recognition) it is fantastic, you make such great use of the products....i have added you to my faves.....don't want to miss anything!!!!!



wangkaipng said...
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