Wednesday, September 5, 2007


When I started my blog, I intended for it to be only stamping-related (I didn't want to bore anyone with personal stuff). What I didn't know is that I would meet so many incredible people that would be genuinely interested in me personally! Lately, some of you have been asking about some personal updates through e-mail, and thought I'd answer them in a quick post.

* My son, Drew did not make the boy's volleyball team. He was expecting that but we were hoping! He's going to start guitar lessons next week. Our good friend, Rob, loaned Drew a guitar and amp! Gee, thanks Rob!!! LOL! (my craft room and Drew's bedroom share a common wall)

* My daughter, Allie's marching band performed their first half-time show Friday night at our first home football game. Um, I think it was like 110 degrees that day! How crazy is that to be going to a football game in this heat?! Anyway, their performance was AWESOME, as always! They had just learned their first movement a week prior at band camp! That group of kids just blows me away! They are so committed and hard-working! John, my husband, is in charge of water for the band, which is a huge deal, especially in the Phoenix heat! We don't want any of the kids to drop on the field! I sold raffle tickets during the game, and Drew helped at the consession stand during half-time so the parents could watch the show. If there was a football game going on, I didn't realize it! It's all about the BAND!

* My blogging and stamping may be slowed down some in the near future. My mom is coming in a week from Omaha. She will be recovering from surgery at my house for four weeks. She will not have any use of her right arm (she's right-handed), so I'll be her right arm! Looking forward to having her here!

That's the Riley household update for the week ... now I MUST clean my house for tomorrow's class!


fran said...

Love the update - a guitar and amp? You're going to need more insulation in that wall!

Angie Tieman said...

Your family sounds great, TFS! I hope your mom recovers well, what a blessing having you to help her recuperate!